Digital landscape analyses

Three of today’s primary societal challenges are food security, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Finding solutions requires studies that extend across multiple spatial and temporal scales. 

Digital landscape analyses focus on mapping and modeling ecological and biogeochemical processes across natural and agricultural landscapes. 

We will use various remote sensing data to map the dynamics of landscape processes at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. By using remote sensing, we can further our understanding and mitigate the loss of biosphere integrity. 

Novel sensor technology and data streams will be integrated and tested. Additionally, we will incorporate drone and satellite-based remote sensing. Through this, we can map variations in greenhouse gases, nutrient fluxes, carbon pools, biodiversity, hydrology, and land use intensity. 

Through our research, we will be able to address questions concerning the transformation of the land system and how this may impact biodiversity, biogeochemical, and ecological processes.  

UAS4Ecology Lab is a close collaborator on this work.