The Land-CRAFT Center supports the green transition of agriculture. Our research establishes a greater understanding of the processes affecting agricultural production, alongside developing knowledge of environmental impacts such as nitrate leaching, greenhouse gas emissions, or biodiversity loss. 

This research supports the overall aims of Land-CRAFT:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector
  • Restore the health of managed and adjacent natural ecosystems
  • Support agricultural productivity

As much decision-making occurs on the landscape scale, this is also the scale at which Land-CRAFT concentrates.

The pioneering research center combines on-site and remote sensing observation and modeling tools to identify suitable agroecological approaches. These approaches should allow for effective climate mitigation and adaptation of agricultural systems to climate change.  

Particular focus will be on understanding and mapping carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling in agricultural landscapes and the associated emissions of nitrous oxide, changes in ecosystem C and N stocks, or leaching of nitrate to streams and groundwaters.