About us

Land-CRAFT is the Center for Landscape Research in Sustainable Agricultural Futures. As part of the Pioneer Center program, the research center aims to bring transformational solutions to agricultural systems. The Center supports science-based solutions for sustainable agriculture. Therefore, there is a strong focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

The initiation of the Pioneer Centers represents a national project launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. This effort has been shaped through close collaboration (as well as joint funding) involving the Minister, the Danish National Research Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Villum Foundation, and the universities. These centers focus on various fields of study, including artificial intelligence as well as the domain of climate and energy.

At Pioneer Center Land-CRAFT, we research processes that occur between human, climate, land, and water systems. These may be both the causes and consequences of global environmental change. These interactions are evident within agricultural systems. On the one hand, agricultural production is a considerable driver of ecological deterioration. On the other hand, climate change threatens agriculture systems.

Land-CRAFT contributes several essential understandings. Our research develops the necessary in-depth knowledge of greenhouse gas mitigation options - at both the farm and landscape scale. It also advances our understanding of nutrient loss to the environment. Additionally, the Centre examines the adaptation of landscape management practices to mitigate climate impacts and increase resilience.

Our team works at the interface between people, agricultural landscapes, and the environment. The Center promotes fundamental research, critical thinking, and cutting-edge insights.