Testing ongoing for imaging planar optodes systems

The University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University are developing an innovative in situ system for imaging planar optodes

Photo: Martin Rasmussen

Martin Reinhard Rasmussen, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology – Microbiology, is working on a project under Land-CRAFT's Landscape Experimentation research area. This project features the development of an innovative in situ system for imaging planar optodes. The system permits the visualization of heterogenous microenvironments of O2, pH, and NH3 in soils. Currently, this project is in the testing phase and is performing calibrations of the sensor system to ensure stable and dependable data in water samples. The first tests look promising, with a paper expected on the topic in the summer.  

An article, which used a different sensor, was already published last year: Measuring soil pH at in situ like conditions using optical pH sensors (pH-optodes), Merl et al., 2022. This paper demonstrated that it is possible to measure pH in soils using optodes.