Land-CRAFT welcomes two new PhD students

In June and July, Xiao Bai and Meshach Aderele joined the Land-CRAFT team as PhD students.

In the next three years we, at Aarhus University, Department for Agroecology, will have the pleasure of hosting two new PhD students, Meshach Aderele and Xiao Bai. 

Meshach Aderele´s PhD project aims to use remote sensing data and a data-fusion framework to enhance agroecosystem modeling, focusing on carbon, nitrogen, and water fluxes in Danish agricultural systems. The goal is to develop a decision support tool for practical use, improving the understanding of management practices' environmental impacts. 

Xiao Bai researches in developing and improving mesurements and proxies that reveal the effects of biological, environmental, and management conditions on nitrogen and carbon cycles across landscapes. This will provide a unprecedented tool to assess the impact of agricultural management on landscape nitrogen fluxes.

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