Land-CRAFT welcomes two new guest researchers

Xiaolin Yang and Hongyu Ran have joined the Land-CRAFT team as guest researchers. Both join us from China Agriculture University, where Xiaolin is an Associate Professor and Hongyu is a Ph.D. candidate.

Experiment Station Photo: Xiaolin Yang
Soil O2 dynamics after the application of straw and straw-derived biochar patch Photo: Hongyu Ran

In December 2022, Land-CRAFT welcomed Xiaolin Yang, from China Agriculture University, to the Center as a guest researcher. Xiaolin will be based at the Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Xiaolin is an agronomist whose research focuses on water use, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and soil microbes in diversified crop rotations. Her research investigates the mechanisms and interactions of GHG emissions and the carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycle, as mediated by soil microbes in long-term crop rotation systems. 

Xiaolin will be with the Land-CRAFT until December 2023.  


In November 2022, Hongyu joined Land-CRAFT as a visiting student. She will be based at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen. Hongyu's research investigates the microscale heterogeneity of soil microenvironments (charosphere, detritusphere, fertosphere, etc.) and the associated C/N turnover process. Her work assesses the role of decaying plant roots in N2O production and emission from soils with contrasting C/N ratios under drying and rewetting conditions.

Hongyu will be with the Land-CRAFT until November 2023.